Thanks for visiting my site. I am the Lead Pastor of Woodstock City Church, a campus location of North Point Ministries, and a student of leadership, communication, church, and faith. Prior to ministry, I spent over a decade in the marketplace primarily working as a consultant in the business strategy and marketing space. Since leaving the marketplace, I have dedicated my career to creating churches all people will love to attend and pointing people in the direction of their Heavenly Father.

I believe the church is the most important organization on the planet and as a church leader, I should strive to create the most effective organization possible. The church should be a leader of innovation, creativity, strategy, organizational structure, and faith, and the world should look to us for advice and desire to model our leadership. I hope this blog space adds to that conversation as we all attempt to grow and learn together.

If you want to know why I started this blog space, you can read more here.

Here’s a little bit more if you’re interested…

I am married and have four children. They are all uniquely created and provide for my greatest opportunity and most important role – leading at home.

I have an undergraduate business and MBA degree in Marketing, and I attended seminary at Liberty University.

I love communicating truths with new angles and helpful handles. More specifically, I love the process of digging into principles, breaking them apart, and rebuilding them into comprehensible chunks that people can understand and apply. That’s life change, and it never gets old.

I love sports and my greatest strength is competition. With competition as my greatest strength, losing is my biggest weakness. I don’t do it well, but tennis is proving a great teacher!

I am passionate about creating honest and transparent conversations about faith. Everyone has faith questions and nobody should feel arrogant enough to believe they have all the answers. Leaning into our faith questions leads us closer to God over time.

Please Note: All site content is the opinion of Gavin Adams and does not necessarily represent the views or opinions of North Point Ministries or Woodstock City Church.