A Day In The Life of a Non-Preaching Lead Pastor

As a pastor, there’s one question I get a lot. Well, there are actually many questions I get a lot. But here’s one I’m guessing most people want to ask:

What does your typical workweek look like?

That’s the “nice” way of asking what people really want to know – “What do you DO all week?!?”

Every pastor gets that question from time to time. Some more frequently than others. As a Lead Pastor in a church where the majority of our preaching is video driven, I would fall within the “more frequently” category! What does a Lead Pastor who only preaches 15 times a year do all week? How is that even a full time job?

It’s a great question. Some people assume I show up on Sunday, welcome them to church, pray for the offering, and then pray and read the Bible for the next six days. As a pastor, I wish it were that easy. That actually sounds appealing! Leading a church of any size or kind is challenging. A Lead Pastor must be both a pastor and a savvy business leader (hence the position title, huh?).

If you’ve ever wanted to know what a Lead Pastor (especially a non-preaching Lead Pastor) does all week, here’s a list of 8 unique tasks I try to accomplish every 7 days:

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