How to Reach the Unchurched Right Now.

How can your church reach unchurched people right now?

That question is mission-critical as a church.

It stands to reason investigating churches already finding success with unchurched people would be a great start. After all, if they have cracked the code, we can just borrow the combination. So most church leaders set off to investigate and learn from the best. We attend services at other churches. We go to conferences. We go to more conferences. We read books. We read more books. We network our way into mentoring relationships with leaders we respect.

An in our investigations, we inevitably see massive production in church services. We experience the GREAT preaching. We take copious notes at each conference. Then we return to our church, under our leadership, with our resources, with our staff… and reality sets in. We think: “If I can’t do what they do, I’ll never reach who they reach.

And therein lies the issue with our investigation and learning exercises. Of course, learning from other successful churches is helpful and we should all prioritize learning from others, but relatively speaking, the only successful churches reaching the unchurched community we know about are mega-churches. We can study mega-churches all we want, but without the resources, leadership, and staff of a mega-church, replicating their execution is impossible.

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