I couldn’t believe the comments that people posted!

My friends at churchleaders.com recently reposted an article from my blog. They’ve done this a few times. I’m happy to allow them access to anything they believe is helpful. What I wasn’t ready for was the comments that ensued. Wow! I’m glad I have thick skin!

If I remember correctly, I was called a heretic. I believe one person questioned my salvation and even suggested I prayed to Satan. It was suggested that I was ruining God’s church. That was flattering, because I didn’t realize I had that much influence! I engaged with some of the responders, but I quickly realized the futility of open conversation with angry Christians.

The blog comments were a reminder of a fact I hate so much: Christians are a pretty mean bunch. Not all of them, but a lot of them. Sadly, I can understand their anger, because I’m a recovering angry Christian myself. Look inside most church services and you’ll see them – Christians sitting in rows with a fake smile on their face. Ready with a “I’m doing just great, how about you” answer for everyone who asks.

Their life is a mess, but they can’t be honest. They are struggling in their marriage, but nobody can know. They are frustrated in their job, but that must remain a family secret.

Side note: This is why adult church sports leagues are so much worse than any other league. It’s all the pent-up anger that is finally released on the umpire and the opposing team. I’ve seen some of the absolute worst behavior on the church softball fields. Yelling, cheating, name-calling, and even fighting. I think a few church basketball teams decided to comment on my post!

So why are Christians so angry?

I’m sure the list is quite long, but here’s a few things I’ve had to release in my life. The first two are pretty basic, but the last one needs it’s own post one day.

1. Expectations.

Expectations are the birthing ground for frustrations. Living a life full of expectations will lead anyone to be angry. Mostly because people will consistently underperform against your standard. My expectations almost ended my marriage seven years in. And others expectations of me have kept me from experiencing God in me. If you want to release some anger and replace it with peace, drop your expectations.

2. Maintaining an Image.

Again, similar to expectations, maintaining an image is exhausting and unChristian. If you are hiding behind an issue in your life, be honest, be open, and seek help. If there is something in your heart that resists being transparent, pay attention to that tension. Keeping up an image wears you down, and in your exhaustion, anger and frustration are your only outcomes.

3. Tension with Grey.

This one is a biggie! I believe it is the number one reason Christians seem so angry. It splits churches. It can split families. And it can keep us majoring in the minors.

Here is the realty – within the Christian faith, there are only a few absolutes. Don’t post hateful comments just yet – hear me out. For some reason, we have made it our Christian duty to debate, argue, and bicker about every little nuance in Scripture. But in reality, interpretation by definition means there will be disagreements. People are going to see things differently. And, take a deep breath … that’s okay. I doubt any seminary or systematic theology professor would agree with me, because, well, it’s their job.

Outside of monotheism, Jesus as God in a bod, and Jesus’ death and resurrection, there isn’t much black and white. God is mysterious. Creation is mysterious. I can’t explain dinosaurs, and I don’t mind. It’s in the grey where Christians get so upset. When you believe there is a right and wrong doctrine or theology for EVERY issue, you are bound to end up angry and in many, many arguments. But when you learn to embrace the tension of uncertainty, life becomes more full.

One last thought (for now). The only good news here is no outsider will ever see the silly, internal bickering that occurred on my post. Non-believers probably don’t surf through churchleaders.com very often. Unfortunately, the absolutely terrible news is that as Christians, we have allowed our disagreements and bickering to be very public, political, and even targeted at the very people we are trying to reach. How insane is that? It’s too bad John isn’t around today to remind us of what he wrote in the first century:

34 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”
– John 13:34-35

Are you a recovering angry Christian? Did you write a hateful comment on my post (just kidding)? I’d love to know your thoughts. Why are Christians so angry? Let me know, and feel free to share this post so we can all learn together.

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  • njmafl says:

    I was raised Catholic. And unfortunately, right there, by mentioning Catholicism, you can spark many arguments and anger from all of the Protestant denominations. Anti-Pope sentiments… claiming idol worship… you are not really “Christian” (even though Catholics are among the very first Christians and from whom the other denominations have protested and broke away from) and so on.

    In any case, I am no longer attend church. And there are many reasons why… including because of the hypocrisy and anger that is so persuasive in so many churches. Add to that the sexual abuses (most notably in the Catholic Church… but certainly present in all other churches whether anyone will admit it or not). Plus, I have been very fortunate to have traveled all over the world. I have personally met Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Sikhs, Atheists, Agnostics who are just as nice, caring, and loving as many Christians… and in some cases even more so. I have even been to remote locations where the people never met outsiders, let alone Christians. As such, I find it very hard to believe that all of these people are “wrong” and thus going to hell.

    And of course therein lies another flashpoint for so much anger. The concept of “I am right… and everyone else is wrong!” After all, if anyone else is “right”… then that makes ME “wrong”. And so people get angry when anyone questions their beliefs and defend them with all their might.

    Someone in another comment mentioned things that they find insulting and hurtful toward themselves and their beliefs. But this, then again, goes back to the hypothesis that that person has all the answers and is absolutely correct. Maybe they are… and maybe they are not. However, keep in mind that what you say and do may be offensive to another person’s religious beliefs! A Muslim doesn’t like you disrespecting the Quran (that is Holy to him/her) any more than a Christian would like them disrespecting the Bible!

    As far as keeping up appearances… that is basically people covering up their hypocrisy! Since we are all flawed, then no one should judge you for being less than perfect. However, if you claim to believe something and don’t even try to live up to them, then you are a hypocrite and need to stop being angry at others for calling you out for it.

    Worry about yourself and your actions. Be respectful to everyone, even if you don’t agree with them (“Love thy enemy”… even though someone with different religious beliefs really shouldn’t be your enemy in the first place).

    I have come to believe that if there is a God, God put a variety of religions on earth to see how they handle it. Perhaps it is a test to see how everyone gets along and how they treat others. I believe that it is possible for more than one religion to be “correct”. And if people all lived up to the tenets of their own religion (and loved one another… took care of the sick and the poor… and so on… as is common among most, if not all, religions), then you pass the test and will be welcomed into Heaven. On the other hand, if you scorn others, treat them terribly, and even worse – kill in the name of your beliefs, I highly doubt that God would be pleased. It is certainly not WJWD!

    It is OK to spread the Good News… to share your testimony… but actions speak louder than words. The key word is “share”… but don’t force it upon anyone. Don’t think yourself superior to anyone else and be so self righteous. Don’t disparage others. And certainly don’t cast stones at others, because even the best Christian (or person of any other religion) is flawed and a sinner!

    If everyone was the best Hindu, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Sikh, and or Christian that they could be, the world would be a wonderful, peaceful, loving place! And, in the end, let God judge.

    As far as politics are concerned, I believe that it has become like sports. Auburn vs Alabama fans. Yankees vs Red Sox fans. Red vs Blue. You pick a team and are a diehard fan no matter what your players do! A player on your team gets caught doping and you let him slide, however, if a player from your worst rival team does the same… then it is the end of the world and you think that that person should be banned from the sport! Ironically, when that same player then gets traded to your team, suddenly he is OK in your book (and all transgressions forgiven)!

    Unfortunately, the same goes in politics! Bill Clinton is unfaithful to his wife and that is bad… but Donald Trump cheats on all THREE wives, but that is OK? Hillary Clinton lies (which she did do) about Benghazi and her emails and that is bad… but Donald Trump lies (which he did and continues to do) about COVID being a hoax, Obama not being a citizen, Mexico paying to build the wall, and the list goes on… and that is OK. Of course, you can simply reverse those examples depending on which side you are on.

    Quite frankly, I have NO idea how Christians support Trump other than the fact that he ran as a Republican (even though he has been a registered Democrat in the past and has given lots of money to liberal causes) and thus “on their team” (and at least telling his suppporters what they want to hear – in other words lying). Even his own family admits that he does not go to church… he has a strong documented record as being pro-choice (despite current lies to the contrary)… he is absolutely nasty toward so many people (could you imagine Jesus acting like this?)… he obviously doesn’t believe in the sanctity of marriage (as he has been divorces twice and has cheated on all three wives) and so on. Where are his conservative, Christian values? I simply do not get it.

    – Jon Silber

  • Michael says:

    I am a geologist and a Christian.. There was a time where I was an atheist. I did not believe in God, i did not believe in Him because of “scientific proof”, but what exactly is this scientific proof saying? God does not explain the entire creation of the Earth, each day of the creation could’ve been millions of years because to God, time is different. He sees our beginning, our middle and our end. God may have done millions of things, and if He put those dinosaurs on earth and took them away, how are they relevant to us? They’re not.
    What we need to focus on and realise is that we need to live our life for God. He is everything.. and if people actually searched for Him, instead of commenting insults that in no way help one another, and only create more and more conflict, then they would understand the scripture and how he wants us to act.
    God transformed my life, and I thank him every day. AND yes I get angry from time to time in this sinful world. We are all sinners I understand, but there is a difference between trying to be better Christians and sinning because you dont care. I understand why Christians get so angry.. I mean just the other day I saw that they were making a movie on a “lesbian Jesus”, which is so insulting and disturbing. Jesus was so holy and so loving, and people don’t understand how insulting and hurtful that is for someone who loves God. I understand completely why they get mad, but we have to know that they do not know what they’re doing, because they’re lost.
    The world will keep getting worse and worse, and no that is not God’s doing, this is humanity’s doing. God gives us freewill, we choose the path we want to follow. And it shows us that each day, we are getting closer to the end.
    Compassion and love is what we need to have for one another, no matter what sins we have committed.
    It doesn’t matter if they’re gay or transgender, because we need to have love for everyone. EVERY ONE. It does not matter what they look like, what race, if they’re illegal, if they are atheist, etc. because everyone has an internal battle that we are each facing.
    We need to help each other, and not let the things of the world come between us.

  • Robert says:

    It’s kinda funny. The same people who were angry at Obama are the exact same ones that complain about how no one supports Trump

    • I have been an angry Christian and yes, expectations and maintain an image appear to be the reasons. I don’t buy the ‘grey’ reason, unless I am misunderstanding it’s meaning. For instance, lately I have been angry concerning politics. Yes, we shouldn’t talk politics; however, I rather enjoy discussing politics (usually). Anyway, perhaps that really isn’t a good thing and it has something to do with my attitude or demeanor. Recently, someone said something to me that offended me (I try not to be one of those sensitive types that get offended often). The subject was politics (I support Trump), and I was snippy, which then resulted in a comment back to me that was negative about my salvation. I was left angry and doubting my salvation and it is frightening. Hep

      • Shawn Gephart says:

        Thank you gavin..this post has helped me as I struggle myself with anger. I will be checking out more of your post, interested in what you have to say brother thx.

    • Danielle says:

      After reading your article it made me realize a lot of my anger is from failed expectations of others and of myself. I don’t want to be angry, it certainly takes more energy. I grew up in an angry household. My mom was internally angry like a slow roiling boil, however my father had an explosive temper. So I learned to stuff my anger or let it explode. Many people either think or have been told by well meaning Christians that when you come to Christ your life is going to become a parade of unicorns and rainbows but the truth is you become self aware of your sinful habits. And yes I agree with the author that many Christians are quick to give someone struggling a list of what they’re doing wrong or even question their authenticity of salvation. I find more compassion from unbelievers than I do with Christians. The Christians that love people because they are full of Christ’s love are rare gems. Thank you for being brave enough to share your struggle in a public forum.

  • Robert says:

    I believe Christians are angry when they don’t get their way. It’s also because they don’t respect church and state separation. When I tell them that we should have that, they become horrified when there is no reason to be. They have already made up in their minds that freedom equals anti christian. When I respectively disagree with them, they are hostile towards me and it sucks because one of those people is my own mother. These people claim that they don’t like muslims, yet 97% of what they do, they agree with.

  • Steve Kitts says:

    Angry Christians are destroying our faith and ability to evangelize and never so much as today in the political social media arena. I am angry at many Christians or have been for putting their political agenda above God by supporting Trump in an angry reactive obnoxious manner. Many seem to say give me some judges and keep the money flowing and we will look the other way at foolishness that should be opposed. This blatant hypocrisy has turned many against Christianity forever. They will never know God because many want judges and money and power above saving the list. It crushes my soul to watch this play out.

  • Skotadi says:

    Look at the Christians who replied to your post. They are angry, even hateful. You know where I see angry Christians? Where they ARENT invited. I go to a post about the occult, and oh look in the comments, a christian had to give their two cents about the occult, paganism, other religions. Unsolicited comments. These comments are usually not nice. They are bull baiting the “other.” They might call the poster a “sodomite” just to get a rise, or say, “right cupcake?” to a woman who writes something they don’t agree with. Then if someone calmly tells them that their posts are without merit, they flip into rage and start cussing and screaming at everyone.

    You know where their anger comes from? It comes from a fall of an idea. Where did Jesus tell his followers, “guys lets make Rome great again…” Never. Where did Jesus say, “guys we need to change this world, let’s get the laws rewritten…” Nowhere. In fact that behavior is closer to Barabas, than Jesus. Rome was no stranger to infantcide… they killed entire families in the roman games. yet Jesus never talks about it. Why? Because the message of Jesus (whether I agree with it or not) was NOT about changing the world, but changing the individual. It wasn’t about making a country align to a dogma… it was about self-transformation from the old person to the new.

    Today the Christian is trying to transform the “world out there,” instead of dealing with the junk inside them. So they make deals with politicians who promise them one thing, while doing the opposite at the SAME time. It’s a sell out of their souls, and this isn’t something new. this goes back to Constantine. “Be warriors for Jesus, kill in the name of Rome…”

    Look at that woman above in the comments who complains about “illegals coming here.” Her own Bible has Jesus saying in Matthew 25:34-46 that if you dont feed the hungry, invite the stranger in, etc. that you go to hell, for it is as though you don’t do it unto God. But also in that same bible is the inverted teaching of Paul that “if a man doesn’t work, neither should he eat.” (2nd Thes.) Get it? You can pick and choose a theology of your own making. If you go back to Numbers, Deut. Exodus you can even defend rape and mass murder. It’s terrible man. The reason Christians are angry, is they believe in an Angry God. They shove Jesus in a box to be the hate monger, and pull up Jesus whenever they want personal forgiveness.

    I know all this as I’m the son of a Minister… an aseemblies of god minister… I grew up in that… I saw all of it from the inside and while my dad was the best guy i’ve ever met, I saw the corruption and faulty logic of the church. It’s a rotten apple, at its very core… and while you seem like a descent dude to post this article… look at the anger in your fellow Christian. who wants to be that? They are living in a hell of their own making, ever single day.

  • Beth says:

    Thank you for your article. As a white Christian woman beyond 50, I am trying to understand why so many white Christian men in my age group are so angry, so I googled it after hearing an exasperating monologue from a Christian man today who is in leadership and seems to walk around with his bible like it is a badge. He was trying to be pleasant, but I could feel the anger underneath it all, and hear the snippy, judgmental comments about his son and daughter in law. I am a bible believing Christian woman, but I feel like so many in my generation are so angry and I do not get it.

  • JR says:

    I know why Christians are angry, we are tired of this world and all it has become!! Killing the unborn and so ignorant to think and say it’s not a human! The now transgender crap going on, the continued homosexual lifestyle going on? Preacher that believe it’s ok. Politicians killing our nation, illegals coming and taking from those that work through food stamps and free money, We are tired of people dogging our President Trump. Facts are facts he has done more than any president in the last 50 years!!! He isn’t a racist I have challenged people to give me 3 things that make him racist, not one can do it. We are tired of one sided news, we are tired of liberals trying to destroy our way of living. We want to see the God we read and serve do something, we are tired of everyone getting away with so much. Before everyone freaks out I am a sinner I sin every day, I don’t do it anymore n purpose it’s not my lifestyle and I know I need God’s grace. I’m guilty as well. I do not force my God in anyone and neither does he!! This is why Christians are ANGRY!!!!!

    • Skotadi says:

      Everything you said is the opposite of your own bible. You are exactly why I left the christian path. You are angry at abortion, angry at illegals… angry, angry angry. You know what tells me? It tells me your god sucks. Your god is nothing. Your god can’t do a thing for you. If he could, he’d do it. You are mad because you have ideals your god can’t muster up to. You violate your own teachings. You should read Matthew 25:34-46, where Jesus says a parable, that if you don’t feed the hungry and LET THE STRANGER in, you go to hell. You are without compassion. Without dignity. When did Jesus condemn infancide in Rome? NEVER. When did Jesus condemn the blood games, where children and families were put to death? NEVER. In fact Jesus never got involved in those things as his theology was not focusing on THIS world, but believing in a world hereafter… therefore he told pilate, “My kingdom is not of this world.” All the modern Christian is trying to do is make this world their kingdom. They fail, because in a land of freedom not everyone will want such a world. So they elect people who promise them things, and sell their own ideals down the drain to get one or two things. While Trump says he’ll stop abortion he also stated in 2016 that the way to take out terrorism is to kill THEIR FAMILIES. Hypocrites. you are why a whole generation will be raised hostile to the false god of Christianity.

  • I’m not a Christian and never will be..I believe the life of Jesus to be yet another astrotheological myth about the dying and resurrecting sun god. Myths are fine, and serve to enrich the inner life, as long as you don’t confuse them with historical fact. I live in Australia, a nation where religion is very much a private affair, and so it shocks me deeply to see so many Youtube clips of screaming raniting Christians, mostly in the USA, denouncing all and sundry for failing to be as perfect as they themselves are- or pretend to be. The mildest disagreement elicits a flood of foaming invective, and when they learn that I am not a Christian, I get threats of hell fire and God’s wrath, none of which means a thing to me.Having listened to their raving and read their nasty tracts, I’m of the view that all too many are actually suffering a form of PTSD. Their expectations were that Jesus would lift all the misery and horrible memories from them and give them inner peace. It didn’t happen and it should have! They dare not question God, so an outlet for their unhappiness and rage has to be found in other people. That;s my two cents’ worth.

  • I have to say, I’m a little different. I do get angry but not for the reasons of having to keep everything under wraps at church.

    really, my church is actually very open and it’s holy different kind of church than your traditional old-school Baptist Church. we hug and dance, I take my shoes off and walk around the sanctuary in my socks. I have close friends and I count that church more precious than gold. if you have a problem you can get prayer for it there, and you can get more meaningful discussion rather than people trying to school you on how you’re doing everything wrong.

    or I get angry is that I love Purity and when I go out in the world I see a lot of impurity. I watch a PG-13 movie expecting it to be tame and then I see breasts in it, or I see people who are willing able to move on the streets homeless when they have the ability to work a job. I see all sorts of wickedness and Corruption out there, and when I see it myself I hate it also.

    I used to stand up for my beliefs about God and creation when I was younger, but I didn’t know how to argue for them properly, I didn’t know much about scientific research at the time and so when it came to not being able to argue for myself. So I have some pent-up anger that people who beat me into submission with arguments. that in a degree of name-calling. my anger is typically directed outside of the church though. it hurts a lot when people call you some sort of he then on educated person, a bigot and stuff like that whenever you don’t agree with their point of view. so I’m typically angry at liberals.

    but I don’t like it, I don’t like being angry often. it ruins a good day and we are called to live in peace. But as long as I don’t deal with him face this anger then I can’t get over it.

    you see I used to go to one of those more perfectly knit upchurch’s with a little bit of legalism on the side. I used to be a Pharisee. but I know the higher truth.

    • Flint Liddon says:

      Just one comment. I like your reply. But I’m curious. How do you know someone on the street can work a job but has chosen to be homeless instead? Unless you recognized a friend on the street I don’t think you’d be able to make that determination. Most homeless, not all, have mental illness issues, and that’s hard to detect while driving or walking by. Or even speaking with them for thirty minutes to an hour. I like your reply, but when it comes to the homeless you seem a bit judgmental. You don’t know their story but have made up the ending.

      • On four or five occasions I’ve allowed a homeless person to my house. Sometimes they show up on the doorstep and I tried to see if I could give them a foot up. and a lot of them did have issues which I was unable to treat, I’m not equipped for it. It was toxic and I had to put them back out of my house. I’ve seen the ones who are mentally sick, but I also know some shoes the lifestyle. In Seattle there are resources for people who want to get out of homelessness and want to get back into the workforce, but all people who don’t take advantage of it may just have no spiritual resources and strength within themselves to get up, and some don’t even want to avail themselves of the resources.

        I see basically three camps, those were outright mentally ill, others are lazy, some are having a hard time in life and can’t function well and resort to drugs even, and others take available the resources and get themselves off the street as fast as possible. I seen them all played out.

        I think for me the reason if I get angry about it is because seeing the problem hurts an anger just makes me feel like I have more control over the circumstances. it’s a terrible thing but isn’t it easier to shut your heart off towards someone than to deal with the potentially unbearable pain. And why do we have so much pain beyond measure? probably cuz we can relate to their suffering on a level that’s more close than is comfortable for us to admit.

  • Jim says:

    I’m a secular humanist who is curious about why christians seem to be so angry.

    This post was somewhat useful but raised a question that many atheists find confusing frightening arrogant and contemptible:

    “I can’t explain dinosaurs, and I don’t mind.”

    There are some things I can’t explain and don’t mind: what exactly is gravity; when, where, and how did reproducible cells first emerge. I’m very curious about both and given the trajectory of science, I think both questions will be answered. Or perhaps the requisite research is beyond human ability.

    I’m not reading your statement to be in that vain. I think your statement can be rewritten to this: I can’t explain and I don’t care that scientific facts and scientific theories with high quality research supported by hundreds of experiments and hundreds of observations contradict most, if not all, christian mythology.

    This is the same as having a jury state that evidence in a trial doesn’t matter and that all that is necessary to produce a verdict is to rely on personal biased opinion.

    Such a jury who embraces and elevates ignorance
    is frightening, arrogant, and dangerous.

    Something else to consider: perhaps christians are angry because the god of christian mythology is angry.

    • Gavin Adams says:

      Jim, thanks for your comment. I can certainly see how easy it is to believe Christians aren’t just wrong, but are also arrogant and contemptible. Believe me, I get that. I guess that is why I actually wrote this post.

      To your point on science, though, I actually believe fully in science. And, I don’t see science as competing or in contradiction to faith. I guess if you were to read every single word of the Bible literally, there would be some potential conflicts. But even within these conflicts, there is plenty of room for a God, creation, and scientific fact to exist together. When science helps explain our world, I wish Christians would simply say, “Oh, that’s how God did it.”

      I know we all walk through life with some existing bias. As a highly logical thinker, it’s impossible for me to not see through the lens of reason and logic. I hope my bias, while always present, will never keep me from being open to new ideas. Including new truths. I don’t consider my way of living in faith ignorant, arrogant, or dangerous. I consider it open-handed.

  • Andrew says:

    Hi, I find this article to be insightful and honest. It is said that those who believe with seeing are blessed, but that those that believe without seeing are truly blessed. Well I used to believe without seeing, but as I got older I became jaded and backslid tremendously. I needed to see it to believe in it with the same childhood faith I once knew. So I asked Jesus Christ to take the reigns. Through his humbling process I witnessed God and now have a solid and real understanding of God, the trinity, and have a real relationship with Him. I needed to see to believe again, and I was born again as a result. I know for certain I was, and those who know what I’m talking about know there is nothing confusing about the process. BUT, it still leaves grey areas. Absolutely. I know God, I know Jesus. Christ, yet the bible still confuses me, and I still experience every emotion on the human pallet, including anger, but I get through it with prayer quite quickly, and I am okay with that, this does not change my belief in God and Christ. I meet so many leaders in church and talking with them is like talking with an atheist. They are so quick to quote scripture, and as a born again, I don’t need to know all the scripture, I have the counsellor living in me, the author lives within me, I hear Him all the time and he helps to interpret scripture. He also helped me to understand that the words of Jesus Christ are the new covenant, and this has served me well. I follow the commandments of Christ, without a thought at all. Paul has amazing insight, I love his beautiful words inspired by God, like Solomon and others, but they are not my saviour, with all due respect to each and every brother in Christ. And I know this will raise concern, but unless you are Christ Jesus I will treat all your words with a spirit of discernment, always. Whether you are Moses, Abraham, Debbie down the corner, or Malcolm the homeless man in our suburb. The good news here is that, because of Christ, the Cross, and His love for all of us, through Him, I can honor everyone that I meet. You are all equal heirs to the throne in my heart, which is guided by Christ. I have many grey areas, but Jesus is my go to, and He commands me to love as He has loved, live as He has lived, and forgive as He has forgiven, glory to God. I am not boasting, I am recounting to everyone the true message, as this article has. Great article, I am sorry on behalf of all the haters, as I once was one myself, now I am a lover of the light again and offer myself to Christ everyday as a living sacrifice to be a vehicle for the Will of Our Father. Why, because He loves all of us and called me out of the shadows, Amen.

  • David Zavala says:

    The problem or the issue is that there are and there will always be three types of believers. And it is true that we call or people call all these three types Christians because they identify themselves as believers is Christ. But the truth is only one is the genuine believer, the others are, in case you didn’t known, the unbeliever and the make believer. You can find them in the book of John 6. These types will be present in all congregations. I believe that when a person is truly born again, they will have the fruits of the Spirit. I truly believe this. I’m not saying born again Christians don’t get mad, but my experience is that born again Christians are usually sweet and humble and a pleasure to be around with. So we go back to the Lord’s first doctrine: You must be born again, John 3. You shall know the truth ….

    • Andrew says:

      Hi David, I love meeting true believers, so much of the chaff is left out of conversations and this leaves room for real conversation, revelatory conversation, healing, and tangible, fundamental spiritual growth and supernatural living. I don’t mean to put words in your mouth David, I hope I have not said too much. Respectfully, Andrew.

  • tom.g. says:

    to many people leading in to many directions. just like people dont like politicians lying so they dont appreciate being fleeced for their money. this is why there is so much hatred, i hate to say hatred but thats how i feel. nobody likes being lied to. to many denominations. people need to stop playing church. a little bit of this and a little bit of that.mix it up and pass the plate and dont preach on gluttony, the new sin of the choir. and make sure you preach against the really bad people so everybody but that scumball can feel good! signed tom g. an ex drug addict

  • Kathy Lines says:

    Absolutely could Not have said it better myself!

  • I am born again Christian, In my church as a servant of God we we have to follow an schedule, every time I’m on schedule, I arrive at church 30 minutes early every time I get to my post one or two angry Christian woman already at my post. I told them I’m on schedule this month I am here. This happened repeatedly, I’m tired of that ignorant angry Christian women, So I finally said these women can have that post and don’t put me on schedule again. Lots of them in Christian church ( ignorant power hungry angry women.)

    • Gail says:

      You are right. I am a 67 year old woman and I too see a lot of women who are power hungry in the church. We try and teach the body of Christ through helping people grow in Christ and mature and I try and teach women their role in the church…submissive to God, Christ, their husband and then men in leadership. I don’t have a problem with this. I have an old nature too that can still rebel, but when I recognize it, Christ helps me. If Christ submitted to God to live on this earth in the humble manner that he did, certainly, I as a woman, can respect Christ teaching the 12 disciples, men, to be the leaders in fulfilling the Great Commission. I am not ashamed of my role as a woman, but I feel for the women who “want their rights in the church body,” they do not understand the Bible and either they are not submissive to the authorities in their lives, or they have not been taught. I am trying to do my part on the mission field to teach women their wonderful role as companions to their husbands, not slaves, but true companions. It does take a lot of hard work on both parts and communication.

  • JP says:

    I’ve been so upset (i hope not angry!) at this matter. I Googled “angry Christians” and happily the search landed me on your article. Your last point (re: Grey) was perfect. One critical word i’d add (but without an ounce of venom) is re: your line about “fake smiles”. Perhaps you are thinking of people you know….and know to be hypocrites. But it seems hard to me to be sure a smile is fake. A lot of the mean Christians I know seem to me to have a very sincere faith in a very loving God but cannot abide nuance. And so get angry with anything that challenges them. Their God seems small to me—but their faith seems real. And their smiles too. Makes it a bit more unnerving, actually! Anyway, thank you so much for your helpful thoughts. I hope we’re don’t often have to be “sinners in the hands of ….” angry brethren!! : )

  • Trac says:

    Hi there. I see I’m a year late commenting on this but I ran across it googling Christians and anger and wanted to say your insights on the grey areas is spot on. But I also would add some Christians don’t want to invest the time and effort required to pray, study the Word, and meditate on scripture to get some sense of how to interpret the scriptural principles that are not absolutes.

    I believe when anyone prayerfully reads the Bible, they will see what they are meant to see for that season of their life. But the LIVING Word can’t be all one size fits all in everything because we’re all in different places in the journey with unique personalities and unique circumstances. However some folks want God’s Word handed to them on a silver platter with all the do’s and dont’s, be and be nots already nicely chewed up and in a nice neat list.

    Christians are lazy sometimes so they call someone else’s interpretation a forbidden private interpretation but THEIRS is the Biblically accurate one.

    Great post. Thank you

    • Gavin Adams says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more! Thanks for reading and commenting.

    • Ugh says:

      “and meditate on scripture to get some sense of how to interpret the scriptural principles that are not absolutes.”

      The problem is that is completely the opposite of the definition fundamentalist Christianity of which there are LOTS of members. The Bible is the –>Literal<– Infallible Word of God. The concept of the "Spirit of the Law" and the "Letter of the Law" is something I've only heard referenced in Catholicism which many Evangelicals express significant disdain for. The result: madness

  • Gavin, great insight. As leaders we fall into these same traps. I feel the pressure of expectations and to maintain an image for two reasons: 1 – to try and be an example to others (Paul wrote about this in 1 Cor 11:1 and Phil 3:17 and elsewhere) and 2 – for fear of judgement by others if we reveal the wrong struggle or show the wrong weakness.

    Finally, the gray areas cause everyone, not just leaders, to have to engage in conversations – and conversations require us to listen to someone else. That is uncomfortable for so many. No one likes to admit they don’t have all the answers, but as you said (and Paul spoke of as well) there are many things that are a mystery that will only be revealed at the end. I for one love to have those conversations, but they can be challenging, time-consuming, and require much more of an investment than just arguing. It is easier to argue and shut down the dialog…

  • Rusty Humphrey says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Gavin. We are struggling with an 18 year daughter (who attends another church in the area) and always seems “angry” and trying to force her viewpoints on everyone else. I know part of that is being 18 and a lot smarter than everyone else around you, but your article help shed some light on the situation. Great job – as always!

  • Chad says:

    I love your comment about the grey area. It was in that area that I found my excuse to not be a Christian. It was only when I embraced the grey area that I was able to recommit my life to God.

  • This is something that has been troubling me a great deal. I see the anger on Twitter, and in the media. The anger particularly shows up in regards to political issues. I am appalled at the ugliness spouted towards Obama, even to calling him names. And, I am absolutely not an Obama fan. But, we Christians have a responsibility to show a love and respect to each other and to unbelievers. There is such a thing as a righteous anger, but even righteous anger does not need to be expressed viciously.

    I would love to see more Christians, such as yourself, speaking up about this. This is a sickness that I believe was contracted, in part, by too much worldliness, and not enough Godliness. The less time we spend with God, and the more time spent with the world, the more anger, and less peace, we will feel, and express.

    Thank you!

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