I’ve asked myself that questions for years now. Multiple times I began working on launching a blog space – more times than I care to admit – but I always stopped short of posting one idea. I would get hung up on what to write, the name, finding the perfect URL. Thinking back, I’m not sure I ever had the right energy or motivation around a blog. But that has changed. Better late than never, I guess.

The reason I decided to begin writing was primarily to create a space to scratch a personal itch that has formed in me over the last couple of years. I try to be a student of ideas and content. I want to always be more curious than critical. It is my hope that through this blog, I will have the opportunity to explore new thoughts, dig deeper into old thoughts, and learn from everyone with whom I’ll interact. I would love to see this space grow, but that is not my primary goal. I have no strategic vision to create a following. I do have a desire to create more conversations. In the end, it’s about learning, exploring, and developing ideas. Ideas change the world, and every leader needs a space to discover and dream. That fuels my heart, and this site will be a wonderful place for me to fill up.

So, if you find anything interesting on this site, please let me know. If there’s an idea you want to explore, be sure to pass that along. Please teach me what you know and have experienced. Maybe together we can grow, dream, and become better at leading and following Jesus.

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  • dixiedragon says:

    Hmmmm … I find it very peculiar lately that I’m … well that’s not true, I’m not finding more in the messages I read, the blogs I run across, the discussions/sermons what do y’all call ’em now? LOL I think I am spiritually more open so I “get” the message … earlier today (I swear LOL) I was thinking “you know, I need to just quit BSing around about this and tell my story, MY journey.” There have to be thousands of people of all ages, right this instant at some point on the timeline I’ve already walked, standing exactly where I was when I was 17, 25, 30, and so on. It has not been a pretty one but I can look back and see all the turning points, the warning signs, the arguments with God, the bad choices LOL and the journey has been incredible. I was the “one” the one that wandered away and got lost. Jesus sure had His work cut out for Him LOL and we SHOULD tell those stories … those are the places He goes to chase us down. His pursuit is relentless and people need to hear those things, things they can relate to, specifics. I agree with davidmtate “to someone else these problems and solutions are grand enough” …

  • Donald Kovac says:

    Saw you a few days ago on TV on an Orlando station. I am recuperating from an illness. The topic was, How to answer tough questions about the Bible. (That was also my fear as well.) I loved your response, “tell your story.” About 3-4 years ago, I discovered the narrative approach to Scriptures.It has opened my eyes and strengthened my faith, knowing that there is so much more than getting “from here to up there” or just looking to Scriptures prove “doctrine.”. I loved your recounting the story of the deranged man whom Jesus healed, who the told the man to go back home and tell everybody what happened to you/his story. And then later, people from the same area brought their sick for healing. It really is all about sharing our story with others and how Jesus is the main character of our story. It far less complicated and dispels fear in sharing Jesus.

    A couple of months ago my wife and I met a man at McDonald’s, a WW II veteran in his 90s. One of the things he said was he didn’t mind serving his country because he knew he was part of something much bigger. It was a great metaphor about The Story and how His story becomes part of our story and that we are involved in something much bigger. We shared our faith in Jesus together. It was such an honor to meet him, and what I learned.(He hasn’t seen a doctor in 40 years, never takes medicine and just relies on Jesus. He served the entire time during the war!) We thanked him for his service.

    Thanks for your blog. God bless your ministry/story.

  • I would say in general if you don’t have a specific purpose for the blog I’ll offer two thoughts:

    – Talk about what you *just did*.

    Too often when people start blogs they try to make them as grand as the blogs they like. They then only write about awesome things that they have done that they think are worthy of the people that they look up to. Due to this vibe they simply stop writing; little compares to the Godin benchmark in their head. Instead write about the challenges you face – to someone else these problems and solutions are grand enough.

    – Be authentic

    Catchy titles are great, but people read to hear a clear voice.

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